Friday, August 14, 2009

Restoran Teochew - Steamboat @ Sg. Buloh New Village

What a fantastic steamboat affair we had at Sg. Buloh New Village, this is no ordinary steam boat dinner and I would highly recommend for those who want good quality steamboat to visit this place.
These are great home made fish balls, they were springy, fresh and tasty.

The fish cakes were good starters for the meal, fresh and yummy. Everyone enjoyed these cakes.

Another "fishy" ingredient for the evening.

The un cooked Loong Tan (Giant Garopa fish)......

A pre fried fish maw for the steam boat....

Loong Tan (Giant Garupa fish), another delicious fish we had. The skin was thick with thick layer fish oil (it must be good Omega oil…)

This is Napoleon Wrass (Soo Mei) but unfortunately I was told that this specie of fish is facing extinction and should not be at this dinner table.

This is jellyfish, a commonly used ingredient for steam boat.

The soup used for the steamboat was an 8 hours stewed soup using fish bones of Napolean Wrass (commonly known as Soo Mei in Chinese) and yam.
Charcoal is used here for the flame.
It was an all fish indulgence and a healthy indulgence as far as the diet is concerned.
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