Monday, August 17, 2009

Tsun Jin High School - Completion of the Halls

From this at the Ground Breaking Ceremony on 12 July 2008 to the final PRODUCT.....

The driveway to the Halls of Tsun Jin High School.

This is Mr. Ong Soh Set, the Clerk of Works for this project. He has been very dedicated and committed in the whole construction of this school project. Thank You Mr. Ong.

The Grand entrance of the school as viewed from inside.

A blend between the old buildings and the new buildings with an interesting reception into the heart of the court yard.

A view from the main entrance of the school looking into the newly completed facilities. Landscaping has also been substantially provided in this development.

The Jogging Track.

This is the jogging track, the student can jog round the compound at the overall perimeter of the school, A feature which is cleverly provided by the Architect for physical activities.

The huge Multi Purpose Hall of Tsun Jin High School, I guess the student just could not wait to use this hall and it will be soon.

This side of the Auditorium with windows cladded with aluminum sun shading devices, an added feature of the Auditorium.

This is how it looks like at the front of the Auditorium with attractively glazed wall and canopy.

At the stage of the Auditorium equipped with audio visual aid.

This is an outstanding design of the Auditorium with good acoustic wall, beautifully chosen seats and a fantastic sound system.

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