Monday, August 24, 2009

Fish Farm Thai Restaurant @ Ampang - Ulu Langat Road

It was an interesting Sunday as we ventured into Ampang - Ulu Langat Road (KM4) for a great experience of a Thai meal. It took us about half an hour to reach the place from our house (including 1 or 2 mistakes in the journey). It is rather near Ampang town about 12 km away.

Here we come it was still bright and sunny, where there were still ample tables for diners. (that was around 5.40pm).

Steamed talapia with Thai Sauce. This is delicious.....

Kerabu Mango was equally nice and tasty....

Fried Talapia in Bo-Lan Thai style. Spicy and yummy.

BBQ Japanese Snails tasted quite plain, have to be eaten with the Thai sauce.

This was the killer. BBQ Crabs the most costly dish, RM27.00 per Crab. If you intend to budget your meal here forget the crabs and you will be safe.

Big petai and prawns fried with sambal belacan was gorgeous.

A deep fried Lampang fish full of bones. It was crispy and went very well with the Toddy & Stout concoction.

As it approaches the night, the crowd grew to FULL HOUSE and you if you are late you will be greeted with this Notice at the entrance.
It was bit of a mad house and yet the cars keep on coming in .....

A close up of my keluarga @ the dining table from the opposite of the pond.

An interesting place to dine over a pond on silts and an attap roof over you. What a lovely scene just like a holiday resort in a secluded spot somewhere near home.

While waiting for the rest of the makan crew to turn up, we were enjoying feeding fishes in the pond. These are big fishes, you should see those big & fat Cat fishes...

Introducing Shou Xiang (in Chinese means "Prime Minister" names coined by my late Dad for them) .

The Grill Corner @ the Entrance, you can see & smell BBQ crabs, cockles, mutton, fishes, prawns & Japanese Snails prepared by Thai workers.
Zu Yi @ the Thai ABC Corner
The business here is FANTASTIC, probably attracted by the resort concept with a kampong scenery which different from others and a place for Siamese food.
In fact the quality of toilets, water for washing hands and services are below par. It is too crowded in the weekends especially during peak hours and we had a war with gigantic houseflies over our food (a minus point here).

It is advisable that you either visit during non peak hours on weekend or visit during weekdays. But definitely it is a good experience if this place is new to you.

If you need to call & check out this place 019-260-6493 & 012-363-4991
Business Hour : 11.00am to 11.00pm


worldwindows said...

Brave souls will do anything for good food! Crabs over the charcoal fire esp those with roes are fantastic!

sheron said...

Wow.. definitely it is a good experience if this place is new to you.


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foodbin said...

looks like a great place to dine.

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

I think I saw this in one of the food programme. But not really sure. The foods look great.

Design...Point said...

emm..actually a year b4...i used to visit this restaurant very often...but now...i think in compare to last time..the food standard relatively drop..but it is a good place to visit anyway..also trying out the bbq talapia...very nice still.

Sin Tai Lim said...

Thanks for visiting BTW I like your Design... Point will visit again.

Design...Point said...

you are most welcome...enjoy reading your post to eat sooo muchhhhhh....