Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Fatman Steamboat - A Mobile Lok Lok Machine

I guess there should be a huge fleet of these mobile Lok Lok machines all over Klang Valley. From Puchong to P.J., Wangsa Maju to Cheras, in front of pubs, disco and coffee shops, you can easily find them almost everywhere in town. These mobile Lok Lok machines are quite unique in their own ways. They can cater for your private party @ home beside the normal patronage at the roadsides.

You can find all kinds of everything in a Lok Lok cuisine.

Pick your choice of Lok Lok, dip it into the boiling pot, apply your choice of sauces, put it into your mouth and close your eyes and enjoy the magic.

You may have to eat it at your own risk; it could be unhygienic and at times dangerous with moving vehicles on the road. The one at Desa Setapak is too close to the traffic. Anyway, just be careful and enjoy the food.

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Somewhere in Singapore said...

I ever tried the mobile Lok Lok machines when i went KL...