Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wahab's The Best Cendol in Town - Kuala Lumpur

Wahab’s Cendol is the best Cendol in town as acclaimed by the shop itself, whether it’s correct or not, it is very subjective. You will have to be the judge yourself by visiting the shop and give your honest judgment….

Wahab’s shop is located at a new commercial hub known as Rampai Business Park @ Sri Rampai, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.

As for me, I would say it is the best so far because No.1 I cannot think of any better one (not comparing with the one in Penang) and No.2 I am not a great fan of cendol…
I enjoyed today's cendol with jangong (corn) and the shaved ice was rather fine and smooth when melting into my mouth. Normally a good quality of cendol (the green stuff) should be as soft as possible, unfortunately most of the cendol stalls serve rather stiff cendol. That is why I am no fan of K.L. cendol.

Half way through my enjoyment of Wahab’s cendol.

The rojak with sotong was good which I was satisfied with it even though the amount of veggie could have been more generous. It could be lovely if they can introduce some bean sprout into it.

This is Wahab’s logo seen on every tables found in the shop.
Abdul Wahab Mohd Ismail has been operating since 1986 at Setapak Jaya. From a humble road side stall to a new shop house. Well, this Mamak have really made good money from his cendol business. What a successful business story…..
And this is Encik Wahab, the living legend….. as usual, he is busy counting $$$ behind the cash counter…. Watch out for his next possible branch in the near future.


foodbin said...

and some sotong for the rojak will be great.

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

ah.... just had my cendol last weekend. This cendol looks not bad. ^-^

Extreme Power said...

Yes Nice. And nice pictures too. Go Taiping and shoot some nice ones.