Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Ming Room @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

We wanted a decent Dim Sum breakfast on a Sunday morning at The Ming Room @ BSC with the hope that Oriental Group of restaurants could satisfy our needs.

The restaurant was packed with patrons that itself indicates that it’s a popular place for Dim Sum.We were seated at a far corner and the service I would say was bad.

The terra cotta horses can be seen at the walls of this restaurant, I guess these are the horses of the Ming’s Emperor.

Nothing is free in this world like they normally say. This appetizer which is chargeable even you did not order it.

The barbecued pork or Char Siew was of average taste. The presentation was below grade but Zu Yi enjoyed it, he likes anything that is meaty….

Char Siew Pau were soft and delicious. This is good.

Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun (Char Siew) was the first order we made and the last to come (after repeated reminders). Reason being the hell knows. But I can say the attitudes of waitresses were bad, they were good in finger pointing. That really spoilt my morning.

Jo enjoyed this fried carrot cake and always can not resist fried carrot cake.

This is another favourite of Zu Yi, stuffed Fu Chok. It was just like an ordinary stuffed Fu Chok.

This was the Con Job of the Day. RM15.00 for this porridge which was supposed to be pork porridge but it was a bowl of porridge with tiny weeny pork ingredient and tiny weeny century egg in it. I would like to say it again it’s a real con job.

Siew Mai, a popular dim sum where the ingredient of shrimps and pork meat are mixed and steamed. These were delicious Siew Mai.

Pork Stomach Soup with Perserved Vegetable & Pepper.

Yee Mai de Steamed Fish Ball was of average quality.


Rebecca Saw said...

aiyo..read one glowing review yest and tdy this? now dunno want to go or not..

worldwindows said...

I find many supposedly better Chinese restaurant's service staff not well trained. I will stick to hard to go wrong 'har gao', siew mai', 'yee mai' and 'char siew pao'! But then once a while...