Monday, November 06, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 25 - Chukai to Tanjung Lumpur

Good morning it's another day of cycling, the accommodation at Kemaman Lodge & Cafe is simple and reasonably clean for a night stay.
Our food adviser, Christopher recommended two places for breakfast and we want to try of it. The first place was Ah Yan Fish Noodle situated at Jalan Jakar, Kampung Jakar with a GPS : 4.224949, 103.427065

I see pot and pot of curry at the stove.
It is a curry noodle of yellow egg mee which I initially thought was the noodle made of fish paste.
But instead it came with a steamed mackerel fish with sambal and limau kasturi (Calamondin).
This was my firt time and the taste was simply good and worth to come again. And I shall come back the next time I come to Kemaman.
Next stop was at a kopitiam called Guan Fatt where at the upside is the Haiananese Association also at Jalan Kampung Jakar.
Chris mentioned we must try their bao, we ordered one big bao and one veg bao. We prefer the first breakfast simply because the bao is common and can be eaten in KL.
Goodbye Terengganu it has been a lovely and memorable visit. Hello Pahang! it is going to be a long coast journey at your state.
We made a turn into a small fishing near this resort called Sanctuary Resort at Kampung Cengal. GPS : 4.052147, 103.395138
A picture of this estuary at Kampung Cengal.
Coconut drink has been our favourite and whenever we see coconut at the warong we were bound to stop for one.
Sometime we would take more than once but at certain stretches it was difficult to come by. The natural juice is the best to quench our thirst.
When we cycled through Gebeng Industrial Estate with reddish coating on the ground and fencing we talked about the controversial Lynas rare earth processing plant.
Of all places Anne had a puncture near Lynas site.
The trail before Teluk Cempedak was tough with climbs and the weather was scorching hot.
The moment we arrived Teluk Chempedak I made a stop at Restoran Hoi Yin for ice cold teh "O" limau, in fact I had two glasses of it.
Restoran Hoi Yin serves halal food and its curry mee is popular and I had my share before leaving the shop.
A few metres away from Restoran Hoi Yin we went to McDonald's for ice cream and rested at the gazebo enjoying the ice cream and the sea breeze.
Off we went to continue our ride under the hot sun after a good break at Teluk Chempedak.
I made a compulsory stop at Warong Paksu & Maksu for these two ladies, my coconut drink to quench my thirst and a bite of delicious sate and goreng udang. It was yummy.
One for Paksu & Maksu. We will be back for your sate.
After 70 over kilometres I decided to look for accommodation, initially we went in circle couldn't find the place and eventually we found it. Kempville Beach Resort is located at Kempadang. It has a vast piece of land with many chalets but very quiet. I think there were only 2 chalets taken up for that night. We were told that this place is popular among the big organisations or institution for motivational camp or something like that.
We were glad to find this place after a desperate search it is so secluded off Jalan Tanjung Lumpur, the owner & the wife gave us free coconut drinks and three more to take away.
As for food we had to cycle out to hunt for it and found a warong with a couple of good variety. I had a mee udang and it was delicious.
The scenery at the surrounding is beautiful with the beach and the lovelya breeze. 
Another long and hot day for Day 25 and tomorrow it is going to be Nenasi.

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