Monday, November 20, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 37 Pekan Nenas to Pontian

It was time to say goodbye to Platform Coffee cum Homestay in a Chinese village at Pekan Nanas. Thank you again to Hui Peng & Chee Leong. This is at the front entrance of Platform comprising of a bar counter, a raised resting platform and a swing. 
A map of Pekan Nenas at the living hall, the hall is well furnished and conducive.
The buffer zone at the front with a small fish pond and an old bicycle. When I asked how much I have to pay for the night and Chee Leong told it has already been taken care by my good friend Baki and thank you so much my dear friend.
Baki took time off to join me from here where he arrived around 8 in the morning and off we went to a mosque opposite the main road (Skudai - Pontian Highway) of Pekan Nenas for breakfast. Warung Anjung Masjid GPS : 1.509602, 103.507096
These are traditional kueh mueh from Johor, I had a carbohydrate loading with a pack of nasi lemak and a piece of sambal fried fish.
Despite his busy schedule Baki took the liberty to accompany me and I was really honoured by his gesture. Terima kasih banyak banyak Adik Baki.
Both of us are passionate with our cycling and enjoyed every moment of it with nothing bothering us while we are on our bikes. It is only the breeze and the road ahead.
The route we took to Tanjung Piai was through shaded plantation road and it was absolutely lovely to cycle on. Welcome to Tanjung Piai. My first time here but it's never too late.
Walking through the pathway through the mangrove swamp we reached the southern tip of Mainland Asia. This tour has stretched from various corners of Peninsula and this is one of the most crucial points to achieved and I was so happy about it.
A view of the mangrove swamp at low tide and the pathway for visitors to use. Certain part of the pathway has been damaged by the sea wave but it's still accessible.
It's now towards northbound and Kukup will be our next stop.
Baki is familiar with this southern route he lead me to this seafood restaurant at the end of the road next to the Kukup Ferry Terminal. The name of the restaurant is New Kukup Seafood Restaurant 龜咯食堂海鮮樓 located at GPS : 1.324915, 103.441147
Fresh prawns in a thick coconut milk curry.
Delicious fried beehoon.
Poached squids in kelabu version.
Lunch was all nice and yummy. We had a good rest at New Kukup Seafood Restaurant before we proceeded.
Selamat datang ke Pontian, we have arrived at our destination on a hot day.
Let's look for a place to stay and a glass of cold drink would be idea.
We decided to stay at this nice homestay, The Corner House. It's relatively new and comfortable.
Baki took me to a food court where we tried Mei Gui (玫瑰海鲜园) ikan bakar and some satay.

CM Day 37 taking a toll of 78km into the southern most tip of mainland Asia Tanjung Piai, detour to Kukup and finally Pontian.

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