Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 32 - Sg. Rengit - Tanjung Pengelih to Singapore

Good morning Sg. Rengit it's time to head for Singapore and into Stage VI of the tour. The journey from here to Singapore is something not commonly used by many, in fact many do not know that there is such route to the Lion City.
Whenever you come to Sg. Rengit and having a problem finding a place to stay you can always try this place which is off the main road but you can not miss it. Just ask the local for help and you will surely be there.
One last time riding through this busy town. There used to have a road linking to Pengerang but it has been closed for development and one had to take a longer route to Pengerang now.
My curry chicken noodle from a coffee shop at Jalan Besar of Sg. Rengit.
The first 4 km of ride to Tanjung Pengelih was not comfortable at all, I had cycled through a narrow road which was under construction.
I missed a turning to Pengerang and was heading towards Kota Tinggi. I only realised it when I reached the front of Sebana Cove Golf Resort and it costed me an additional of 4 over kilometres to ride back to the turning.
A save to this tortoise crossing the road. She could easily being quashed by heavy lorries on the road.
The wet road leading to Pengerang and Tanjung Pengelih.
Approaching the junction of Pengerang town.
Yeah I am getting closer to the jetty and hopefully I can get a boat service to Singapore.
The jetty was quiet but I enjoyed the scenery and its surrounding.
This is a World War II relic at Tanjung Pengelih. War bunkers built by the British Army and reputed to have an underground hospital, barracks, tunnels, communications post, naval guns and anti-aircraft installation.
The public jetty and marina of Tanjung Pengelih.
I was told that an earlier boat has already left for Singapore and was asked to wait but exactly what time the operator did not mention. He said I have to wait until he has sufficient passengers. The time was then around 10.00am.
I told the operator that I am going out to the warong near the war bunker for a makan.
About 12.00 noon a family of 5 people came to the jetty and the boat operator alerted me that the boat was then ready to go. So that was the end of Stage V of my tour.
The fare was 25 Singapore dollars. I enjoyed the boat ride going from the eastern tip of Johor, seeing the continuous land reclamation by the Singapore authority and coming into the coast of Changi.
Finally, I have landed on the shore of the Lion City after going through the immigration and customs. It was an easy entry without much of a hassle with my bicycle fully set up.
Here I was outside Changi Point Ferry Terminal at Changi Village.
After getting my Oregon orientated with a marking to reach Little India.
I slowly inched my way into the city
Along my way to Little India I had the chance to see some old buildings like this temple at Tampines.
Part of my ride was using the PCN (Park Connector Network).
On Geylang Road with so many eatery shops that was so enticing.
Here was I in Little India, I will be staying here for 2 nights at G4 Station which I have booked through Agoda.
 In the evening I had friends to meet and have dinner together. It was nice to see my old schoolmates again they were Eu Jin & Sheng Look. And also this young friend Japheth from KL.
Thanks Japheth for the beer & photos.
The ride from Sg. Rengit town to Tanjung Pengelih Jetty.
The boat ride from Tanjung Pengelih to Changi, Singapore.
On the island of Singapore from Changi Point Ferry Terminal to Little India.

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