Friday, November 24, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 41 - Brompton Day at Melaka

One of the events organised by My Brompton Malaysia and this year is held in Melaka themed as "Brompton Historical Melaka Ride" which I have scheduled my touring dates to coincide with it. It was September 16, 2017.
The morning started with a shower and I was stuck at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, then I got a call to join Baki & friends for tosai.
Baki took us to a popular Indian restaurant for some nice and delicious Indian breakfast.
The gathering time was changed due to the rain and eventually the gathering materialised. There were so many of Brommies attending the ride and so nice to see all of them.
At the Portuguese fotress at A Famosa and a grand group photo session.
I was hounored to be presented a special Tee Shirt for this event. Thank you so much and I really appreciate it. Long live My Brompton Malaysia you are awesome! Photo credit : Anne Cheong.
One for the record for My Brompton Malaysia.
And the ride began .... Photo credit : Rahmat Hussain
With Larry & Baki Zainal. Phot credit : Larry Chelvan
Let's have a welfie at Selat Melaka Mosque. Phot credit : Yee FS
What a scene in Melaka on this day and it was truly eventful and a good work by My Brompton Malaysia.
Of course Melaka is beautiful and lovely to cycle around and enjoy the historical city.
Lunch time for fried noodle and curry dishes.
In the evening it was beer time at The Geographer Cafe.
A video clip of the day event.

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