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Cycle Malaysia Day 39 Batu Pahat to Muar

Selamat Pagi Batu Pahat viewing from the window of the hotel room
I decided to take a walk around the area and hoping to find a good breakfast. I was attracted by this corner shop Kedai Makanan & Minuman Kong Heng and went in to check it out.
The interesting part of cyclingng around the country is that you get to try the various type food. This lady is selling some kind of "Loh Mee" noodle with starchy gravy something like the one in Penang.
My share of the Loh Mee with a bottle of vinegar by the side for a tangy taste. Of course I love my local kopi "O" kosong.
After the breakfast I strolled back to The Silver Inn, prepared the bike and left the hotel.
I have read about this D.I.Y. Garden of Batu Pahat and wanted to see it before I leave BP. Here I was in the garden for a brief stop before moving on to Muar. Next to this place there is a Thai food stall, I will try it if I have a chance to come back here again.
My Oregon has taken me away from Route 5 and lead me to many Malay villages with beautiful scenery. The air was fresh and serene, most importantly the road was with super light traffic.
Once a while I will stumbled into Macik Macik on their bicycles.
I like the area some of the houses are nicely and carefully landscaped.
That was the lovely 4km stretch I rode on at Jalan Kampung Bintang, bye bye Kampung Bintang.
Have small wheels will travel as I said hello to these young boys on their small wheels at Jalan Simpang Lima / Parit Sulong.
Somewhere at Kampung Padang Sari I turned left (west bound) towards Semerah which was still in the lovely village set up.
Selamat pagi Kak with an excellent weather and easy ride ahead.
Along Jalan Sg. Nibong as I was about to reach Semerah town covering a distance about 29km of fantastic village route.
Semerah(圣模那)is a small town in Batu Pahat District, Johor, Malaysia. This small town is basically a main street with old shop houses and a road to Semerah wet market (Pasar Semerah). They are mainly of wooden structure with little or no civil foundation; some were rebuilt into concrete structure after fire damage or own effort.
Kedai Kopi Chop Mui Teng on the main road of Route 5 (Jalan Muar) and it's a double storey wooden structured building in a row.
The old stove charcoal burner cum bread toaster.
I enjoyed the charcoal toasted bread with kaya and kopi "O" kosong while I also enjoyed listening to the conversation from the next table of their involvement in a recent temple function.
I was trying my luck for more kampung road on the right side of Jalan Muar, it is basically filled padi fields but with stony access. I checked with a guy who was fishing at the road side canal and he advised me not to use this route but to go over to the opposite side of Jalan Muar for better connection to Muar. He told me to just "ikut tepi sungai bang". Thank you so much Dik for the information.
At the vicinity of Sg. Balang Kecil.
The road was so quiet that at time I got a bit worried with my Oregon asking me to turn back
It was another marvelous 15km on the route between Batu Pahat & Muar.  Basically it's just running along the river side and along a electrical transmission line.
It's back to Route 5 Jalan Muar and assam pedas was in my mind. Yes at Parit Jawa is popular for Assam pedas.
He was impressed with my story of cycling around the peninsula. I hope I have inspired him to take up cycling which he seems very keen. His wife helped to take this picture.
There were so many Ah Soh Ah Soh in the Gerai, guess it must be their usual gathering place in Parit Jawa.
This my second time visiting this spot, the last was during a wake service I attended and took the chance to come here.
I picked a simple mackerel fish for my assam pedas indulgence, a bit of stir fried cabbage with plain rice and two glasses of iced lemon tea. That was my Parit Jawa lunch.
The front of the gerai Gerai Asaam Pedas Parit Jawa. Crowded as usual during the lunch time.
See you again and I shall be back.
The road at Route 5 but it has a good motor lane and big canopy trees along it. It stretches for another 10km and it's ideal for cycling.
Finally I have reached the territory of Muar the Royal Town of Johor.
The roundabout near The Store departmental outlet.

Nattukottai Chettiars' Temple at Jalan Meriam.
At the Glutton Street for a cold coconut drink.
At the end of Glutton Street.
My stay in Muar was at this hotel, Muarar 99.
After I have finished with my chores and I cycled to MCA Bentayan Food court for dinner.
I ordered a pepper Bak Kut Teh but ate in the front of another Bak Kut Teh stall nearby, where the lady boss bad mouthed her rival BKT. I told her I will try hers next time.
On the way back I stopped by at this kopitiam Wang Lye for a beer before I called it a night.
Day 39 As I was getting closer to Melaka and this route was one of my favourite ones.

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