Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 26 - Tanjung Lumpur to Nenasi

Courtesy of the Kempville Beach Resort to start a new day and fresh coconuts from the compound itself.
It's the eve of Hari Raya Haji (Eid Al Adha) and OG was ready for Day 26 with Nenasi Beach as the destination of the day.
So bye bye Kampong Kempadang
At Pantai Sepat we could not resist ourselves to stop by to snap a few photographs.
Feeling radiant and happy for an excellent day.
Capitalising the sun rise for a silhouette of Anne & Kim.
Row of boats along the beach some with black netted roof.
A long quiet and straight road on our south bound journey.
Then a came a group of roadies greeting each others as we passed by. They must be coming from Pekan.
Beautiful sight of houses with aplenty of coconut trees.
6km before arriving at the royal town of Pekan we were greeted by DRB Hicom Univerisity of Automotive Malaysia.
The first 4 star hotel in Pahang opened in January 2015 by our 6th Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak which is a 7 storey building with 133 rooms that you wyll not missed when you travel along the Kuantan Pekan road. 
Over at Abu Bakar Bridge also known as Pekan Bridge as we were about the reach the royal town.
Welcome to Pekan the royal town of Pahang and this was my first time visiting this place.
I managed to locate this kopitiam from my Oregon and was glad to see it opened.
The curry noodle has sold out but fortunately there were others like these two yummy noodles to satisfy us.
Sultan Abu Bakar Museum was one of the places we visited in this royal town.
An old white majestic Sultan Abdullah Mosque Museum.
It was difficult to find a stall open on the eve of Hari Raya and we needed a drink badly. A wefie as we were about to leave the place.
We tried the pineapple freshly cut by the young lady for us and you know what it was free.
Terima kasih to the young ladies for the pineapple.
Out of our monotonous ride came a group of young boys who rode with us for a short distance.
At a remote fringe of Pekan district we stumbled into a couple of stalls manned by the Orang Asli selling Tembusu wood items such as chopping boards, ladle and others.
We had a surprise halt by this gentleman to give us a bottle of mineral water and it was indeed the highlight of the day. Malaysia do have good people around and that bottle of water did us good on a super hot day. Terima kasih kawan.
We have arrived at the beach of Nenasi it was quiet on the eve of a festive day there weren't any warong around for food and drinks.
After some enquiries we found this Chinese sundry shop where we bought some food stuffs for dinner and breakfast. We also enquired for recommendation for a place to stay for the night.
We were not happy with the condition of this motel and had to continue to look for another one.
Pak Yus of Ke Kenung Tering Chalet came to our rescue, a place we have cycled passed and it was 8km away. Fortunately we could contact him for a lift to the chalet.
Ke Kenunang Tering Chalet is a new place with 4 capsules and a tree house for let. It's bicycle friendly and Pak Yus is more than willing to give discount to cyclists.
Yes we've been here and you must check it out at Ke Kenunang Tering Chalet. Hopefully by then the hostel he is constructing is ready to be used.
We were blessed with Hari Raya food from Pak Yus, we had beef and chicken rendang together with nasi impit. As Pak Yus said it's Hari raya how can we eat instant noodle and thank you so much Pak Yus for the treat.
In the evening when it was in total darkness Pak Yus came to showed us the fireflies found within the chalets, It's such an amazing place without going any further to view these tiny flying lights.
A day we nearly cycled for 100km it was indeed a long and hot day. Well done girls and tomorrow will be another cycling day.

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