Sunday, November 12, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 29 - Mersing to Tanjung Sedili

It's time to bade goodbye to these two ladies, they will be heading back to Kuala Lumpur and it's has been a good six days riding together and sharing part of the lovely experience at east coast of West Malaysia.
On the way out of Mersing town I also bade goodbye to these two different places of wokship (Fushan Hong Fu Temple and Sri Subramaniam Temple) located next to each other at Jalan Jemluang.

Passing through the gantry at the fringe of Mersing town with the weather looking good in the morning but expecting it will get hotter later in day.
I was quite reluctant to move on with the knowledge that the route ahead would be rather tough and boring. Sedili was my destination of the day and couldn't wait to complete it as soon as I could.
After 20 over kilometres of cycling with mostly quiet oil palm plantation accompanying me, I managed to reached a sleepy town called Jemaluang. I paid a visit to a sundry shop and bought myself a cold drink and a piece of creamed bun just in case I could not find any food along the way.
The heat started to sorch, the journey became monotous and there was hardly any life seen along the way. Gradually a series of  notorious dragon backs began to tease me.
Suddenly I was elated upon seeing a warong, without any hestition I went in and requested for a iced lemon tea. In fact I had two glasses of it.
It was so good and refreshing to have this iced drink and my body was totally drenched with sweat.
After 42km on Jalan Jemaluang I turned into Jalan Tanjung Leman and at the junction there is a BH Petrol station. A check point to safe guard the property of Felda was located.
The dragon backs were countless as I pealled each and every climbs in this liveless surrounding, The heat was taking a toil on me but I had to go through it.
I finally took out the packet of electrolyte energy powder given to me by Abdul Rahim when I met up with him in Kangar. It was prefect for hydration and boosted me to continue under the hot sun. 
Let's take the turning to Sedili the quietness continued with vehicles passing by me once in a while.
Many times I saw carcasses by the road side from reptiles to birds and animals. I guessed many of them were knocked down by vehicles when they were crossing the road.
The endless route of Felda plantation finally ended and stretching for an approximate distance of 25km. I was still unable to see any sight of the coast.
At the estuary of Sg. Sedili Besar as viewed from Tanjung Sedili
On the bridge crossing over Sg Sedili Besar.
Trying out the herbal tea in a bottle.
I could hear the people speaking Teochew dialect and having chur cha meal on the table and I settled for a delicious wa tan hor (Cantonese fried noodle) with 2 bottles of herbal tea.
The opposite side of the estuary is Sedili Besar.
Another sleepy town where I thought I can withdraw cash for my expenses but there isn't any ATM machines in this place. I needed the cash for the accomodation. I called up Jason Bay Beach Resort whether I could check in using my credit card and she told me card is not acceptable. She suggested to try to withdraw cash via an authorised BSN agent at Tanjung Sedili. 
The agent told me that the line is off and can not do any transaction. I had to call the lady again telling my problem and I suggested to her that I can transfer the payment online later in the day and allow me to check in first. She agreed and I then cycled another 5km to Jason Bay Beach Resort.
I found the resort the place it was kind of deserted and don't seem to have anyone in it. I was told to collect the chalet key from a warong nearby.
I found the Makcik's warong with yellow plastic chairs and tables. 
It looked like I will be staying alone in the resort, no activity no live and at times it was a bit scary.

Finally I managed to make the payment for the and dinner was set for a tranquil night.
On a positive note the view was spectacular and I enjoyed the breeze from the verenda.
Day 29 was a long and lonely day, the weather was hot and full with anxiety.

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