Friday, November 10, 2017

Cycle Malaysia day 28 - Endau to Mersing

At the boundary of Pahang and Johor stand a town called Endau and it is the end of the journey for Pahang as far as Cycle Malaysia 2017 is concerned. Bye bye Pahang we shall see you again.
Endau Bridge over the River of Endau and sitting over the boundary of Pahang and Johor.
A shot at the Marina of Tanjung Gemuk as the sun rises as seen from the bridge.
Stage V of the tour continued from Johor and the destination of the day will be Mersing.
We were back to Endau Johor, the night before we were here for dinner and now it's breakfast time.
Learning the traditional music instrument of Johor at the Welcome board.
I quite like to see these old wooden shops as we were looking for a kopitiam for our breakfast.
We decided on this shop by the name of Restoran Yang Guan
The various foods we had for the morning and it was delicious indeed.
All set and we were back on Route J182 instead of Route 3 for a coastal experience..
The huge Guan Yin statue attracted us into the temple for a brief visit at Kg. Paya Kasang, Endau GPS : 2.648892, 103.630589
An detour at Sg. Teriang Besar (GPS :2.629257, 103.718879)for a snap or two at the beautiful river view and found a family was fishing by the river.
Jetty at Pantai Penyabung where we found out that it is a popular spot for visit. We met a group telling us that they were on a 2D1N stay at a kelong. Their cars were park at the nearby of the Jetty and off they went for their holiday.
The coastal is relatively quiet and at times come with pleasant view like this one.
Still on Jalan Penyabung - Tanjung Resang at a bridge crossing Sg Mawar
The road to Tanjung Resang looks deserted and quiet but when you reach the tip at Teluk Gorek you be surprise to be welcomed by a crowd enjoying their picnic at the beach.
Lost at Teluk Gorek, Tanjung Resang there wasn't any connection to Air Papan and we had to made a U turn to J183.
Sign of rolling hills began to appear but nothing serious.
The beach at Air Papan is cleaner than Teluk Gorek and is long and filled with local visitors.
Anne simply could not resist from getting herself into the water and had to dipped in again.
While we sat by the beaches and enjoy the view and the breeze.
The breeze was strong bur not damaging.
Pantai Air Papan is one of the nicest beaches in Johor. 
Something new which we experienced tasting smoked coconut water at
Jalan Endau, Kampung Seri Lalang, GPS : 2.452510, 103.831043
I love the smoky taste and fragrant of this natural fruit juice.
Datarn Kembara at Jalan Makam
Kampung Seri Lalang, GPS : 2.444713, 103.834617
Yeah .. we were getting closer to Mersing.
A view from Mersing Bridge.
And approaching the town centre and heading to a few marked places for food.
We were too late for this one it was closing and no more food to be served for the day.
We finally settled for this eatery place and nothing like a cold beer on a scorching hot day. Mersing Lucky Restaurant isn't that bad after all in fact the food was good.
Our meal and celebration for the girls for their completion of their journey. I really appreciated their effort to accompanied me for that last 6 days and I am sure they have enjoyed the ride too.
Little did we know that the hotel we wanted to check in was just at the building itself. An old hotel but clean to stay in.
Well done girls you have done it and hopefully this journey will be a memorable one for you.
And the famous cendol is just opposite Mersing Lucky Restaurant.
The route for Day 28 and the sixth day for Anne & Kim.

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