Thursday, November 09, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 27 - Nenasi to Endau

Good morning Nenasi I had a good rest in the capsule and the weather continued to look good. By the way Selamat Eid Al Adha and the fifth day for Anne & Kim in this Cycle Malaysia 2017 Tour.
The chalets of Ke Kunang Tering in the early morning with all the accommodations fully taken up.
One shot with the tree house of Kenung Tering and it's good bye. Hopefully we will be back here again in the future.
As we were slowly pedalling in this tranquil road a car suddenly honked and over took us. The car stopped a couple of metres ahead of us and the driver came out of the car. To my surprise it was Zaini Abdullah from Kuantan. He and his wife were travelling to Skudai for a wedding kenduri and have been following our movement at Facebook. He was confident that he will bumped into us in his travel to Skudai. So nice of him to stop by and gave us encouragement to continue our journey. Will see you again Zaini.
At last we completed the elongated part of Pekan District and Rompin was next in line.
The road continued to be quiet and the heat began to get hotter.
After another 20km from the border between the two districts we arrived at Rompin town. We had our "chap fun" at a Chinese shop and a good rest before we continued the journey.
Just a few kilometres to Endau we stopped at Kampung Teluk Gading Barat for a cold drink.
A total of 75km of cycling under the hot sun we reached our destination at Endau and checked into this new hotel, Hotel Jeti Tg. Gemok. 
After a good rest at we crossed over to Endau, Johor for dinner. one of the dishes we tried was a local Bak Kut Teh.
This dish chicken was interesting and different. It is cooked with lemon grass with a slight taste of sourness.
Fried bitter gourd with egg.
Fish with cooked with Chinese cabbage which was also something special to me.
The restaurant we had our dinner which carries this name 为记家富海鲜酒家 at Jalan Dato Mohd Ali. The dinner was good.
The distance and route for Day 27 the tour continues ...

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