Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 31 - Desaru to Sg. Rengit

After a month out on the road cycling a dream journey of mine and everyday I have a routine to follow hotel checkout, pedal, take pictures, look for a place to stay, wash my clothing, sleep and get ready for the next day. I enjoyed it seeing new places.
The bed at Lotus Desaru was comfortable and nice to sleep on. I was well rejuvenated and ready to go again. At the beach of Desaru and a selfie before I leave this place.
Goodbye Lotus Desaru Beach Resort.
I took a detour along Jalan Desaru to have a look see at the area before I take on the actual route to Sg. Rengit. It was drizzling but the ride moved on.
The rain got heavier I decided and will stop at wherever shelter available.
I spent a few minutes at this wooden bus stop in front of Ladang Petri Tenggara and waited for the rain to stop. Meanwhile I killed the time by watching the cars dashing on the wet road.
I missed a turning into the beach of Batu Layar only realised after a kilometre away and I had to turn back for the coastal line.
A resort at Pantai Batu Layar, there are a few resorts seen at this secluded tip of the eastern peninsula.
The scenery at Kuala Sungai Punngai after the end of Pantai Batu Layar.
Punggai Bayu Resort in Punggai with a mosque at the opposite side of the road.
A colourful arcade of Punggai.
After a few kilometres along Jalan Teluk Ramunia there are also several resorts such as Tanjung Sepang Beach Resort.
And it's back into the coastline of Tanjung Sepang, again there are more resorts found such as Ramunia Beach Resort.
I was getting closer to the town of Sg. Rengit the place was looking vibrant with sign of development activities.
The traffic was slightly congested and 4X4 vehicles are commonly seen in this town.
It was time for my lunch and I dropped by at this coffee shop at the main road of Sg. Rengit, Beautiful Village Seafood Restaurant.
My favourite choice of Cantonese fried noodle and a glass of kopi "O".
So far my touring schedule has been on course my contingency days were un-used and it was meant for Singapore slotted under Stage VI. My passport has been in the bag all this while but not the Singapore Dollars. There are at least two money changers in this town and I changed a few dollars to spare.
The particular of Beautiful Village Seafood Restaurant.
A picture with the giant lobster of Sg. Rengit. Sg. Rengit is renown for its lobster dish and one should try.
Amazingly bicycle rental is available in this town, it is popular among the Singaporean to visit this place for the delicious food and a short holiday break.
The hotels along the main road were all seem to be fully taken up again, my anxiety for looking for one started to bother me. At last I found one at Jade Garden Restaurant. It's a relatively new place from a restaurant business to hotel. I had this lovely one sitting on stilts by the sea side. 
After checking into the hotel I took all my clothing for a proper laundry at the heart of the town.
After my laundry I went back to the hotel and enjoyed the sunset.
Despite the slump in oil and gas industry, this area is going strong with it development.
Jade Garden has a western food outlet beside its traditional Chinese Restaurant. I celebrated with a buttered prawns with fried rice and a bottle of Heineken. It was a great and delicious dinner by myself at a corner in a huge restaurant.
Day 31 - Sg. Rengit. I could have cycled all the way to Tanjung Pengelih or Pengerang but I decided to stay put at Sg. Rengit to experience an evening in this town.

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