Sunday, November 26, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 43 Final Day of the Tour & Home Sweet Home

This was my final day of Cycle Malaysia on Day 43 where I shall head straight home after a long journey.
Good bye Clovers Hotel and thank you for the stay.
Having one more stint at the beach for a sun rise fun with my camera.
The path at the edge of PD Waterfront area next to Persiaran Waterfront.
Somewhere within the surrounding of Waterfront area I found a row of eating stalls or rather known as Gerai MPPD located at GPS : 2.523580, 101.798563 for a decent meal of Wan Tan Mee before I start my ride.
Taking a turn off from Jalan Seremban after Lukut town, I went into a residential scheme known as Springhill before arriving at Sendayan.
UCSI International School Springhill.
I overshot a turning and went straight towards Seremban Town. By the time I realised my mistake I have overshot by 3.5km and had to make a "U" turn back for the turn to Jalan Felda Sendayan.
The "U" turn when I was heading back towards PD direction and before the turning into Bandar Sri Sendayan on the right.
This stretch of the route came with up and down profile, so this is the dragon backs of Sendayan.
Passing by Jimah before Bandar Sri Sendayan.
This was my first time coming to this part of Negeri Sembilan I have only heard of Sendayan but have never been here before. In deed, it is rather a big development.
After a rest and a coconut water refreshment at Taman Gadong Jaya at GPS : 2.701682, 101.831387 I stopped again for lunch this time at Kota Seriemas, Nilai. I was hungry and had a good meal at Restoran Ramai Seafood GPS : 2.772709, 101.767036. The time was 12 noon then.
It took more than 54km to reach the border of Selangor at Jalan Kuarter KLIA.
It getting closer to KLIA with familiar sights.
Thereon I ended up at a dusty road surrounded by oil palm trees and it was quite a distance of dusty condition.
Once a while there were big lorries moving up or down and the whole place was super dusty.
Then storm and rain came, I could not find any shelter and had to ride on despite the sound of thunder. The time was about 4.20pm.
After clearing the stretch of muddy road I glad to see a better road condition ahead and I found a shelter. I waited for 20 minutes it was still raining, I told myself to go ahead because the sky was getting dark.
Then I realised I was at Kg Orang Asli Bukit Cheeding, where I knew of a tea plantation hereby.
By 5.25pm  I managed to cross over to Rimbayu development using a overhead crossing (un-tarred) the sky turned brighter and the rain became milder.
Moving on a road along Klang River on Jalan Jurutera towards Puchong. 
At last I reached Puchong Prima LRT station that I can connect myself back to Setiawangsa. It was 6.50pm and my longest day for this tour.
Yes I have done it, I have completed my dream tour safely for 43 days, in 3 nations, 11 states and covering a distance of about 2,600km with a folding bicycle. Amazingly there wasn't a single tyre puncture and no untoward situation encountered. I was really blessed and it was nice to be back home again. 


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wow !!!
amazing achievement !!

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great effort congrats....