Thursday, November 30, 2017

Cycle Taiwan Day 4 - Hsinchu to Taichung

Hsinchu is the hometown of the rice noodle (vermicelli) or beehoon commonly known in Malaysia and it's farewell to Hsinchu as I passed by this sign on the way out of the city.
The rainbow Bridge 三 姓 公 溪 at Xiangshan District GPS : 24.801507, 120.916765 
This 17km Bicycle Path at Xiangshan has been around for a long while, some of it signages are worn out but still a lovely trail to ride. I love this canopied trail.
A Chinese Temple 惠民宮天上聖母 after the trail at the wetland.
風情海岸 Coastal Promenade of Xiangshan.GPS : 24.778629, 120.914491
We stopped by at the promenade and have a good view of the place.
We were fortunate to find this lovely path to travel instead of the normal route 1 of the recommended cycling route.
The tide was so high that the sea water was splashing onto the road at Haishan Fishing Harbor 海山漁港
It is also at the neighbourhood of Siangshan Wetland of Hai Shan Area.

At his Blue Sky Bridge 藍天橋 (GPS : 24.760373, 120.906139) there are many wind turbines more than what we saw in Jeju Island.
White Cloud Bridge 白雲橋 still on the bicycle path at GPS : 24.746215, 120.900762
At last we were at the end of the bicycle path and had to find our way off the path to continue with Route 61. It was a good and lovely ride on this trail.
On Route 61 and our journey continued with typical scenery of Taiwan outskirt.
It indicates 23km to Tongxiao which was our destination.
A comforting sign that indicates that we were on track at the cycling route.
A pit stop at Cheyouxiuxi Station 車友休息站 where we had a try of Taiwanese grilled sausages. Location was at Houlong, Miaoli County GPS : 24.659290, 120.813720
The proprietor chewing his favourite betel and taking a picture with us. There are basic tool for bicycle repair in this shop if you happen to need it.
The start of a severe climb at Route 61 particularly at GPS : 24.597847, 120.741815
Just a little push to overcome the hilly route.
At the junction for a detour at 南港里 GPS : 24.587595, 120.730477
Itwas climbing again to a higher elevation and wind turbines welcoming us as we scaled up the hill, by thwe way it was only 2km up the hill.
And the we reached the attraction the wind was super strong at Haowangjiao GPS : 24.601855, 120.731113 for a spectacular view. A few times our bicycles were knocked off to the ground.
Taiyen Salt factoy cum Museum 鹽來館 at GPS : 24.555956, 120.703050
Let lepak at this cool corner at the the salt factory.
Foot spa with salt warm salted water to sooth our feet.
Lunch time at QQ 大碗公 for Pork Leg Rice along Route 61 GPS : 24.550974, 120.699974
Fenn and Anne amazed by the huge melon inside QQ Restaurant.
The food we had at QQ Restauarant.
We took the coastal road (Yugang Road GPS : 24.491989, 120.678167) and approaching at the rear of Tongxiao Station.
We tried checking a few hotels in Tongxiao but we were not happy with it either it was old or with no lift to the room with steep staircases. We decided to proceed to Taichung for the night with a train.
Sorry Tongxiao we are going to a bigger city to stay.
Finally we arrived at Taichung City where we will spend 2 nights here and a chance to have more time in this place.
And off we went searching for a suitable place to sleep.
After much consideration and checking we concertedly agreed on Chance Hotel for 2 nights located at Jianguo Road, Taichung City, GPS: 24.138184, 120.685375
At a side lane next to Chance Hotel we went a stall selling economy rice located at Jianguo Road, GPS : 24.138143, 120.685167
Day 4 - We cycled from Hsinchu to Tongxiao and boarded a train to Taichung.

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