Monday, November 13, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 30 - Tanjung Sedili to Desaru

Somehow I felt uneasy of the quietness of the place and left the light on throughout the night. I was able to sleep well eventually and set the alarm for a early morning rise.
Alone at the beach I waited for the sun to rise and took a couple of shoots.
One with my beloved bicycle at the beach of Tanjung Sedili.
The fierce morning sun shining onto the chalet where I spent a night in it and goodbye rustic chalet.
I was here at this corner in Tanjung Sedili where I resumed my tour towards Singapore.
I took a brief spin at Jason Bay Public Beach and saw this snail moving slowly on the road like I was touring the peninsula.
Sedili Kecil I am hungry anything that I can eat before I go any further.
I was pleased to see this warong at Sedili Kecil eventually there was food for me.
My breakfast looked spicy with curry meat and a hard boiled egg on the fried rice.
Whenever I can I will try to take a peep into the  beaches and the coastline at the east is generally nice and lovely.
Somewhere in the remoteness I saw this attractive villa and the sign shows Kampung Tualang 3, Tanjung Gemuk.
Along this stretch there are several old project signboards seen but without any sign of construction activities.
I saw a group of monkeys on the right side of the road then suddenly this fierce one came towards me. I continued to move on and he ducked off after I shouted at him. He could be a mafia head of the group.
The route remains undulating towards Desaru I thought there isn't anymore. I have to take it again and slowly with each and every climbs.
As the day moved on I could gained closeness to my destination. I decided to take a detour to Tanjung Balau.
Taking one of the rest at a road side.
The Melayu houses in this community are well planned with beautiful architectural design. An interesting place to visit and definitely worth the while to take this detour.
The view at the jetty is spectacular, the wind was strong as I cycled on platform of the jetty and enjoyed the beautiful sea view.
Besides a public beach there are a fisherman's jetty, a village and a resort.
A fishermen's museum at Tanjung Balau.
A plaque with information of the museum.
A row of warong at the beach crowded with patrons during the lunch time. Assam pedas seems to be popular here and I had to try.
My share of a piece of Assam Pedas fish, mmmm it was yummy.
I thought I have arrived at Desaru but instead it's Bandar Penawar. I tried desperately to book a hotel unfortunately it was all fully taken up due to a state event happening on the weekend.
I had to cycled out of Bandar Penawar to look for accommodation by the beach at Desaru.
Here I was at Lotus Desaru Resorts and Spa. 
I took the opportunity to relax and enjoy the facility.
My dinner was a room service burger and a can of beer. I enjoyed it very much.
Day 30 I have reached Desaru clocking 68 km for the day and looking forward heading to the southern tip on the eastern side.

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