Monday, September 10, 2007

28th RSC Annual Golf Championship 2007

These were the ladies at our Dinner table @ the Ballroom of RSC, they were Jan, Cheng, CC & friend from Singapore. Everybody had a good time with nice music and also time to boogey boogey.

There were prize presentation and lucky draws for those who did not win anything. Drinks like whiskey, wine or beer were going at only RM2.00 per shot, where can you find in this world. Dato' Dr. Joginder Singh presented a 5 fairway wood to Siew Wah (a lucky guy with a lucky draw winning). I managed to secure a 7th placing for Nett Championship with a RM200.00 prize. Playing 2 under my handicap of 24, yeah, call me buaya. There were more aligators, crocodiles, buayas and dinosaurs in the Ballroom.

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