Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lanjut Golf & Beach Resort May 2004

Beautiful sun set at beach of Kampung Lanjut, Rompin, Pahang.
The kids enjoyed cycling around the resort, there were other activities for the kids like building castles, beach games & fun at the swimming pool.
We were hunting for a particular eating place for lunch on our way back home to KL but ended up with this place (could not find the recommended one), anyway, seafoods here were fresh and tasty. After lunch, we continued our journey and after a couple of kilometres we saw the place we supposed to have lunch. We have to reserve this place we missed for our next trip to Lanjut.
Together with us were families of Lee Wei Teck & Low Eng Bee.
This is the chalet we stayed, my sons enjoyed staying in a kampong house, with us is Arti, she have gone back in Indonesia to take care of her daughter. Best of luck to her and her daughter.

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