Saturday, September 01, 2007

1st Employment - 1981

Four of us starting from the left, Wong Chin Hwa, myself, Low Wee Kiat and Chew Kok Keong were from the same class in TARC, and we started working together on the same day. We felt very much at home at this work place at the first day itself, in fact the bosses were worried about us being too talkative during working hours.
This office is a Quantity Survey firm, by the name of Hashim Dan Lim located at Sungei Wang Plaza. Our lunch hour is very "short", cos' there are lot of things to see and do at this huge and interesting shopping complex. Love to work here.

Man at work. My superior my Mr. Ng Keng Koo, a very experienced person. I have learned a lot about QS works in this organisation.
Working here is also very fun, colleagues were friendly, in fact, we worked very hard in this office and a lot of overtime.
This is the only company which I have worked that requires to submit Time Sheet every morning.

This company is still around, they are now in Damai Komplex.

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