Sunday, September 02, 2007

Keeping Long Hair

This was Jack's room, the desk I was sitting should be Andy's. Always neat and organised.

Since Fifth form, I always love to spot long hair, immediately after M.C.E. I had stopped going to barber shop. The longest hair I had kept was during my Sixth Form (Pre University days). I could kick like Bruce Lee but now my balls are sticking to the thighs and can not kick that high anymore.

 There are advantages of having long hair those days. I have not being mugged before in Kuala Lumpur. And very often, you will hear incidences of "koo keng". My housemates had experienced a few cases. There was once at Taman Genting where Siew Hwa went out to "ta pau" fried mee hoon for supper. He was mugged  and there goes our supper. I remember how we decide who goes to buy the food it was by way of flipping dictionary pages for numbers and who ever flip the lowest point will have to go out for the errand.

Guess now it is pay back time for me, I don't carry any comb anymore and I am always the fastest to come out of the shower rooms. No need to shampoo, comb, blow etc etc.

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