Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kulim Friends @ 1st Kuala Lumpur Congress

Last night 19 September 2007, the first Kulim friends' congress was successfully held at Niamah's restaurant @ Sg. Kayu Ara, Damansara. Niamah a.k.a Patrick Teoh, yes, the popular DJ, actor & blogger who owns this Damansara Village and specialises in steamboat cuisine.

First of all, I would to thank Brian for initiating this gathering, despite there were differences in the choice of venue by some. Finally, a neutralised location was established for all.

These were the friends who took off their time and attended this dinner:-
1. Tick Choong,
2. Soon Heng,
3. Kean Hooi,
4. Brian,
5. Yeok Tooh,
6. Tailim, and
7. Lai Yoong.
The above list also indicate the order of arrival for the dinner, never the less, everyone were on time for dinner. Unfortunately, we missed friends like Teow Choon, Cheang Tiek, Kui Suang, Ewe Kiang and Weng Seng. I hope that they will attend the next one. Anyway, this dinner was on a trial run and was a successful one. And it looks like more of this kind of gathering to come.

What generally happened and transpired in this gathering? There were lots and lots of talk about Malaysian current & negative issues, such as MCA, Badawi, Raja Petra, Chan Kong Choy, corruption, ketuanan melayu and etc, etc. You can name it, you got it in the forum.

Guess who monopolise the forum? Well, we always have our chatterboxes like Soon Heng & Kean Hooi, they were the ones and solely their voices for the whole night, the rest of us only managed to chip in as and when there were opportunities. What to do these are the trade marks of Soon Heng & Kean Hooi (they never change), I really enjoyed their monopolies. Besides monopolising the forum, Soon Heng as usual, busy with his mobile phone, calls from New York lah, car deal lah, etc, etc lah, non stop cockerel calling (his ringing tone). I wish to propose Brian to be the moderator for the next gathering so that anyone who want to speak would have equal time to do so to express themselves.

The next gathering will be held next month, it was announced and established that Soon Heng will collect his bonus by end of the month and he will throw in his letter to call it quit. With his fat bonus, he will and can organise a better dinner for us. Of course, dinner is on him. Registration is now open for those interested to attend the coming gathering.

Hope that future gatherings could also be held elsewhere, like Kulim, Penang or perhaps overseas like Bali, Cambodia. Maybe, Yen Ling could assist such overseas gathering. Why not?

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Chen Yen Ling said...


This Yen Ling. Glad that I was remembered. Wish I was there last nite.

Organise gathering at an overseas venue - would love to do that. Bali is cheap and good and we must put away fear, if any. Cambodia - Seap Reap, great history and culture. The weather is hot though. However, both places have great shopping - Casual wear, exquisite crafts and also cheap ones too.

Actually, North Vietnam is also a good place - especially cruising in Halong Bay and sea food.

I will start thinking - places of good weather conditions(not rainy & cool?), interesting sites, nice ambience, great shopping, good makan and golf?