Thursday, September 06, 2007

First Rented Room in Kuala Lumpur 1976

As I was travelling along Ipoh Road yesterday, my mind start to creep into the period during my student days staying along this road. Took out my handphone and captured this image (traffic jam lah). This is the house where our 1st room was rented during our Lower Sixth Form in TARC. We, meaning Teow Choon, Tick Choong, Yeok Tooh & myself. Our land lady is Ah Chan, now staying also along Ipoh Road @ 5th Miles ( a canvas shop called "Federal Canvas").

The most memorable thing I can still remember staying in is house is our neighbours, they were the adopted daughters of Rose Chan. Their professions were "stage" performers, and everyday they would hang their costumes out on the line to dry, you can see all kinds from G strings to bras with feather or glittering scale on them, just like those you can see in the big time shows in Las Vegas.

My housemates from Taiping (working guys) engaged in a quarrel with these ladies during one quiet night. Hell, they had a fierce quarrel, cursing and challenging each others. BTW, both houses have similar long corridors cum balconies facing each other and leading to the bathrooms at the rear. These were their battle field or killing field, which ever it was. For more juicy details, you can contact those names mentioned above.


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