Monday, September 24, 2007

Kulim Friends Meeting @ Singapore 22 September 2007

The above picture was e-mailed to me via Siew Hwa yesterday and I was very glad to see picture of old friends which I have not seen for ages, especially people like Sheng Look and Yew Eng. The last time I saw them was way back in 1975 (Form Five days). Thanks to Cheang Tiek and Siew Hwa for organising this meeting and sharing this picture which I really treasure it a lot.
Sorry to Cheang Tiek, I did not speak to you much yesterday @ Kiara Hills because I was trying to finish my walk within the 1 hrs 15mins. Very kiasu these days, I will catch up with you the next time.
I am trying to reach Mr. P.S. Rou in India and also hoping that he will respond to my e-mail. Meanwhile, our senior Badlishian Mr. Thinakaran from Bernama will be extracting pictures of Mr. Rou last trip to Malaysia for us to share. Will expose these pictures when I receive them.

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