Saturday, September 01, 2007

CNY Steamboat Parties - 8 & 15 February 2003

This is Patrick Lau & his family, together with them were my in laws. Everyone had a enjoyable dinner and were greeting Kong Hee Fatt Chai. Patrick an old friend where I first met him at TARC college, later in working life (Folin Engineering's days) and now we are staying in the same Taman.

Thank you mother, you have really take great pain to prepare such a wonderful dinner for us.

This one for Chop Goh Mei. These are my neighbours, they are great neighbours, my mother is the ambassador, she does all the PRs and a popular one especially when she is back in this neighbourhood. John Chong & wife seated on the left, Mr. & Mrs. Ung & his mother in law, and Mrs. Teh & son (seated on the right).

Some of my old classmates were here that night too, Teow Choon, Peck Eng, Kui Suang (right hand corner), Ewe Kiang, Kian Beng, etc, etc..

Thanks again Mother.

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