Monday, September 17, 2007

25th Anniversary RSC vs RBSC 16 December 2006

In conjunction to the Silver Anniversary of the Interport Match between RSC & RBSC, Representatives from RSC went to Bangkok this time with the biggest contingent ever (more than 60 participants). RSC Golf section is one of the most active sections in club, eventhough, the club does not own any golf courses but was able to organise and play wherever we desire.

Eventually, the host, RBSC won the match play with a final score of 36 against 24. The host, as usual with their superb hospitality, continuously feeding us with a lot of beer as we play, by the time we finished 18 holes, we were already in a party mood instead of being competitive in our games. After the game, we proceeded to their function room for dinner and entertaintment. As mentioned, RBSC's hospitality was fantastic, good food, good drink and of course coupled with their memorable evening of entertaintments. Everyone of us will always cherished this moment at RBSC for the excellent evening we had in Bangkok.
Neil & Francis Yeoh enjoying their dinner.

A Tribute to Charlie Cheah, who passed away last month. He was a very active member not only in Golf Section but also very active in the Hash Section. He was friendly and very likeable by many members of the club. Miss your smile, Charlie Cheah. May you rest in peace and we will always remember you. A day before the competition, we had a round of practise in RBSC. From left were, Billy, Peter, Jeff, Jeniffer, late Charlie Cheah and myself.

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