Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Form 5 Merah Sultan Badlishah School 1975

My mission here is to name all the people found in this picture and if possible with their respective contacts.
I can only remember maybe 50% or less, I will need to reach out to my friends for help. Meanwhile, the naming will be left as a task for me to update in a later date. So friends, please help me.


zenetlife said...

hi Tailim. Thank you for dropping a comment on my blog. I am afraid that I am not able to help you to track down your Badlishah friends even though I was in the same school. I was only born in 1980 :)

Sin Tailim said...

Hi zenetlife,
are you the one from padang serai? were you born there? which part of the town do you used to stay?

zenetlife said...

I was born in Penang but my family stayed in Pdg Serai. I grew up in Pdg Serai up to the age of 16 (Year 1996) when my family moved to Sitiawan. My mom said we used to stay in Jln Lunas and moved to Jln Baling when I was 1 yr old.

Tamijudin said...

hello Sin Tai Lim

My name is Tamijudin. I do remember most of the teachers name. Some of the students I remember the faces but my memory seems to fail with their names. One for sure I can remember is Naidoo on the back row in the midle. I remember the prefect sitting in the front row. Have caught me outside the school during school hours. I was in form four(1974) cannot remember the color. It was called the double credit or something like that. I was kicked out of the pure science class where I was initially and I thint it was Form four Biru. I am from Kulim. I wish to get in touch with you to meet the Badlishans of that era. Presently I am living in Toronto Canada.

Sin Tai Lim said...

Pls email me at sintailim@gmail.com maybe we can share more things. Hope you are reading this. sin tailim