Saturday, September 01, 2007

Graduation Day 1981 Part 2

Jeff Yap & myself at a rented house in Taman Genting, Setapak, preparing ourselves for a graduation. Just look at our perfect shape, wrist line 28"; height still the same. How nice we could still maintain 50% of it.
Alright for the first time we were wearing suits though not matching with the pants but who care.... We should get a total black one and would look like men in black.
From left is Melvin Nunis, Jeff Yap, Hun Keng Guan (our Chairman of the Dwarf Association), myself and Lee Yu Ban. All of them were from School of Business Study except for myself from School of Technology.

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Malaysia_Real_Estate said...

Taman Genting in Setapak ? never hear before.
will it be Taman Bunga Raya ?