Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Half Sister from Singapore August 2007

Last night I got my first email from my half sister from Singapore, she has attached images of her family. Sin Hooi Teng with her 2nd boy, Ang Chee Wei. She have been staying in Singapore for quite a number of years, now residing at Jurong with her hubby, Ang Chin Chuan.
From Padang Serai, she has moved to Singapore to make a living.
Chee Wei, such a cute baby. Looking at these photos, I think our family's trade mark is our eye brows. Don't you think so? Imagine, these nephews of mine calling me "Tua Pek", really make me feel not that young anymore. What to do, Tua Pek.

This is Chee Siang, the eldest kid, I am happy that he has now a brother who he can play with and share his childhood together. No more playing alone in the house, Chee Siang, hope you will study hard and be a good boy. And one day, you will make your parent proud.
Wishing the family all the best, especially to Chin Chuan for taking care of my sister.

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