Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Diploma in Building Technology 1977 - 1981

Farewell dinner at one of Chinese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, most of the lecturers were invited. It was an enjoyable night with beers flowing freely. As usual the champion in drinking was none other than Chew Kok Keong aka Russian Tank.
From Left; Happy happy, Bee Leng (Joe's wife), Joseph Tan, Tick Choong, Arau Heng, Loh Poh Yin, SL and a Lecturer whom I have forgotten his name. Thousand apologies
There were only two ladies in our class, the rest semua batang. Most of my close buddies were the most outstanding ones in the class, playing mahjong, beer drinking before lecture, sleeping in lecture theatre. My nick name was Rose Chan, cos I told than stories of Rose Chan's stage show.
Singapore Excursion from left is Chew Kok Keong, Miss Wong (1 year junior), Albert, Ng Beng Hooi, Yip Foo Wah, happy happy & Liew Hong Kong (this chap is the 1st in class to retire, how nice)